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Diet Fads Versus a Sensible Diet

Diet fads are a dime a dozen as we all know. Every year there is one or more new ways to lose weight and sometimes it’s just an old diet being revived. The ones with the most hype usually get the most customers and people jumping on board to try them while other people jump off after trying it and getting another disappointment.

First of all, the promoters of these fads know that people will come and go like they do through a revolving door, but they aren’t too worried because everyone leaves their little monetary deposit on the way through. Some other plans that have a more sensible approach also have people coming and going because many people find it too difficult and/or don’t get results as fast or as much as they wanted...

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Planning a Balanced Diet

Most people are already aware that their diet should be balanced. After all, we’re taught about food groups and pyramids from a very early age. The question for many becomes how, rather than whether to eat a balanced diet. While there are many theoretical ways to accomplish balance, putting ideas into practice and taking action often proves difficult.

One way to accomplish this balancing act is to do some planning. Ask yourself what types of foods you and your family like to eat. Make a list of as many foods as possible. Next, take the list and assign each food to a category. The categories you choose should be closely aligned with the standard groups identified on the food pyramid...

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