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Tips for a Healthy Family Makeover

Did your family have a long day at work and school? No doubt you are exhausted and can’t wait for dinner to get on the table so you’ve picked something up on the way home or open a pre-packaged meal to heat up in the microwave. Maybe after dinner everyone will sit down to relax in front of the TV. Or maybe you still have some work to catch up on and need to battle your kids for time with the computer.

Does this sound like a typical weeknight in your home? It is for many families. Like them you may feel that your family could improve in overall health and fitness, but with each day flying by it’s easy to get distracted and simply keep following the same routine over and over.


It is never going to get easier, so why not take a moment to determine just how healthy your...

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10 Tips to Improve Your Fitness Health

Here are ten tips to improve your fitness health. Even athletes who are incredibly fit may not be really healthy. They often tread a fine line between health and illness or injury.

1) Listen to your body. As you are training it is easy to become preoccupied with the repetitions you are doing, or the time you’ve been exercising. Leave your watch at home and slow down or walk when your body hurts.

2) To improve your fitness health you need to eat a varied diet. Five fruit and vegetables a day should be your minimum target. Your health will improve if you eat at least five different kinds of fruit, then any vegetables will be a bonus.

3) Take a complete day off from exercise every once in a while...

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