Hiking For Health

It is vital that you stay active as you get older. This way is the way to health well into old age and will generally help to extend your life.

Of course, health is vital whatever age you are and maintaining good health should be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities.

One very healthy activity that can be enjoyed by young and old alike is hiking. One of the advantages of hiking as a means of exercise is that you don’t have to be super fit to participate. Everyone with a very basic level of fitness will be able to find an easy trail to hike. You can find progressively more difficult terrain to hike over as your fitness levels increase.

Another benefit of hiking as a form of exercise is that it’s something you do outdoors so you get to breathe fresh air and look at beautiful countryside and wildlife – at least if you choose your hikes wisely.

A basic fitness need is to give yourself a good cardiovascular workout on a regular basis. Hiking will give you this. Just remember, before going hiking or, indeed, indulging in any strenuous activity that you’re not used to, you should get yourself checked out by a qualified doctor.

Before taking on a really demanding hike, make sure that you build up your endurance by tackling some easier walks – maybe just round the block a few times in your local neighborhood for starters. This will ensure that the great hike you have planned doesn’t end in bitter disappointment when you find that you’re just not up to the task. No one likes to have to bail out of something half way through because they just can’t hack it.

A worthwhile hike doesn’t have to be a jaunt to some faraway place that takes months of planning. There’s a lot of satisfaction in day hikes that can be much more spur of the moment. Without thinking too hard you can probably come up with places in your own area that would be ideal and are somewhere you’ve promised yourself for years that you’d check out.

Many people find that once they take up hiking, they really enjoy it and wish they’d started earlier.

As well as the physical benefits that hiking gives you, there are also plenty of mental benefits too. Hiking is a great stress reliever. It gives you time to yourself, time to think things through away from the pressures that are causing you to be stressed.

Go on, make yourself a promise that you’ll take your first hike in the next few days. You’ll be glad you did.