Presented by Queen's University, Creating Strategic Change in Canadian Healthcare is the second in a series of three focused annual conferences aimed at transformational change in Canadian healthcare. In the Canadian multi-jurisdictional context, developing a strategy together requires a broad perspective, clarity, collaboration and a desire to act.
Approximately 150 senior-level participants, the conference draws together healthcare, government, academe and business. Engage with international perspectives on change; thematic panels (Pharmacare, Health Human Resources, Electronic Health Records & Integrated Care) and conversations with Canadian thought leaders. Participate in a facilitated collective strategy development process.
Toronto, May 15 - 16, 2014
The conference will address the question:
What should be the form and substance of a Canadian healthcare strategy?
The first conference in June 2013, Toward a Canadian Healthcare Strategy, explored the extent of existing high-level consensus. We found much agreement and we now move on to deal with different models that could form the overall shape and content of a strategic framework.
An acceptable Canadian model would need to respect the autonomy and jurisdictional authority of the provinces and territories and build on shared values, principles and objectives to create feasible approaches to Canadian healthcare. The Creating Strategic Change in Canadian Healthcare conference seeks to generate constructive debate and discussion, not only about the form and substance of a Canadian healthcare strategy, but also alternative, inclusive and collaborative ways for implementation.

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The major themes are:

1. Designing strategic change in Canadian healthcare
Strategic frameworks and alliances as a model for inter-jurisdictional cooperation. Canadian examples of national strategies will be examined as a model for driving effective healthcare reform.

2. Building strategic change in Canadian healthcare
Central principles developed in Toward a Canadian Healthcare Strategy (June 2013) – pharmacare, electronic health records, better integrated continuum of care, as well as health human resources – provide the framework for thematic breakout discussions.

3. Implementing strategic change in Canadian healthcare
The process of drawing together a wide range of disparate partners – governments, healthcare providers, and industry – to advance Canadian healthcare strategy. The goal is to propel organizational transformation in Canadian healthcare.

New this year, the following authors are writing eight white papers on the themes listed above. As a conference participant, you will have access to working drafts of these papers and can provide feedback and input in advance of their future publication.

The papers will be posted here in advance of the conference:

Health Policy Change Conference Speaker Health Policy Change Conference Speaker Health Policy Change Conference Speaker

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